Result: Map that describes the shape, dimensions and area of a property.

Boundary Survey Map

Result: Map in which all the elements of inside and outside of the property like, buildings, trees, roads, etc. are shown on the map.

Land Survey Map

Result: Map that shows the actual state of the interior of a construction, facades and cross sections.

Architectural survey map

Result: Map in which the three-dimensional shape of a surface is described, like the elevation of the land, streets or stock piles.

Contour survey map

Objective: Field work that consists of leaving marked lots either with stakes or monuments.

Subdivision Layout

Objective: Field work that consist of setting de center line of a road and collect the cross sections for the project of a road.

Road Layout

Objective: Horizontal and vertical control, as well as construction supervision.

Construction Layout

Objective: Layout of the drinking water, rainwater, drainage and sanitary lines, urban furniture, tree location, etc.

Infrastructure Layout

Result: Setting two control points in UTM, GEOGRAPHIC or TME coordinates with precision of plus or minus 5mm.

GNSS Control Line

Result: Quantification of the amount of fill and cut material for a dirt work like a road or highway.


Result: Maps requested by the cadastral office of the municipality for the valuation of real estate, subdivisions, unions, condominiums, etc. of a property.

Cadastral maps

Result: Analysis and reports of the amount of cubic meters in a stock pile, such as, gravel, sand, clinker, salt, etc.

Stock Pile volume quatification