In Servicios de Ingeniería Topográfica we are aware that offering quality surveying work is no longer enough, now we also want fully capable and professional people in whom you can place your trust to define your land.

Due to the request of our clients we have developed a new business niche, it is the delimitation of land by means of a barbed wire fence and concrete precast fixed with concrete.

Before offering this service, clients received stakes, rods and / or boundary markers, later, if there was a need to delimit them, they went to their trusted contractor. Contractors do not bother to ask the surveyor to deliver the marks to be the guide, if they do find marks they often never refer to them and this means that these marks are lost, resulting in no way to verify if the construction of the fence is where it should be. The end result is a fence that is straight at best, but is far from being in the right place.

In Servicios de Ingeniería Topográfica we assure you that we will have control from the layout of your land to the delivery of the fence, guaranteeing that it was placed correctly, with quality and in the correct place.

Protect your property investment, a well-made fence greatly helps to reduce the possibility of an invasion of the property and in the event of an invasion the already installed wire fence helps you to give technical elements to your Lawyer to defend your property.

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